Safety is the priority when it comes to pool fencing. We look beyond just compliance with all codes and regulations and conduct a comprehensive site assessment to ensure all potential hazards are identified and resolved. Toughened glass is ideal due to its transparent nature, versatility and structural integrity. Although well designed glass pool fencing can seem almost invisible, it guarantees safety and full visibility, giving total peace of mind.

Our consultation process proves invaluable in establishing the client's vision and developing a design that incorporates this and all site specific elements. Through the use of 3D conceptual models, the client can clearly visualize the finished product and only when they are fully satisfied will things proceed. Any potential problems are eliminated at this early stage which facilitates installation and keeps costs to a minimum. Through optimising our internal procedures, we are able to deliver an unrivalled service while remaining competitive. Client satisfaction takes precedence over profit.

As we pride ourselves in providing a personalised service, we don't wish to narrow your options by presenting a limited range of finished products. Instead we will explore all options with you during initial discussions. Contact us for a free design consultation and take a step in the right direction.